Sound Design

Image is for us like a white canvas waiting to be painted with sound sensations.

From the first meeting with the director and the initial reading of the script, to the time when we dive into a project, our desire is no other than to achieve something that will make the film unique and personal.

We experiment and try all kinds of elements that may enrich the story.


We are specialists in “Foley on location”, offering sound reality through natural acoustics.

In addition to being involved in many Spanish productions, our experience has led us to work on projects with the US, UK, India, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica.

The internationalization of our sound seal is one of our pillars.

Re-recording Mixing

A steady experience of more than 15 years in sound mixing has contributed to the design of a modern 5.1 sound suite.

Its technical and acoustic conditions make it the perfect place for the pre-mixing and mixing of film and TV productions.


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